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So I discovered something about how EVs work in middle cup today. It's really weird but it does matter.

Basically, for level 50 Pokémon, it doesn't take 4 EVs to increase a stat, it takes 8. The one exception to this is that 4 EVs will raise a stat by 1 point, but 8 EVs will also only raise a stat by one point, meaning 4 EVs are effectively wasted this way. The best way to EV Pokémon in Middle Cup is actually to start at 4 and then count up by 8 for a specific stat, as opposed to a level 100 Pokémon, which you would just count by 4.

The biggest thing this does is that 252-248-8 EV spreads more or less waste 8 EVs, since 244 EVs nets the same stat increase as 248 EVs (252 EVs still gets a higher stat increase than 248 and 244), and 8 EVs nets the same stat increase as 4 EVs. This means 252-248-8 EV spreads should actually be 252-244-12 or 252-244-4-4-4 EV spreads to get the maximum value out of your EVs.

Basically check your EVs carefully if you're creeping something since it probably takes more than you think, and stop using 248 and 8 EVs when you could get a little more out of it.


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And Round 2 is over! Thanks everyone for getting your replays in! Round 3 will be a Round Robin due to the odd number of players involved. Whoever gets the most amount of wins against each other gets to advance to the finals, and the second best player will also advance.

Vince With Cheese fanyfan aBlobfish

Remember to save the replay and post, and good luck!


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Due to fanyfan forfeiting because of personal things (good luck with them buddy), the finals will be between

aBlobfish vs. Vince With Cheese

The finals will be best out of 3, and all the current rules still apply. Replays will be posted once the finals are over. Good luck to our finalists of the Middle Cup Eviolite Tournament!


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hello, i would just like to inform you that middle cup was introduced during gen 4, and not gen 5 as stated in the OP. i personally played middle cup games on shoddy battle.
Gonna bump this because I really don't want this OM to die.

So hey, Torracat has Intimidate now doesn't it?

If I'm seeing correctly it also got some nice new tools to work with.

252 HP, 4 Atk, 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
Ability: Intimidate
Bulk Up
Leech Life
Flare Blitz

A little bit of an anti-meta set that has a fair bit of utility and is far bulkier than it lets on to be. This thing is a physical monster, and honestly I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion about it.
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